Jul 08, 2015

7 Spine-Tingling Things that Haunt Kuldhara


They say the village is cursed and brings death to those who try to inhabit it. Kuldhara, located in Rajasthan, was once home to a pulsating population but the villagers abandoned it one night, leaving behind a curse which still haunts the place. Ruins of ancient settlement and a creepy silence are all that dwell in Kuldhara since then. Here are 7 reasons why Kuldhara earned the notoriety of being one of the most haunted and cursed places.

1. Sudden disappearance of villagers

Kuldhara was once a flourishing village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. It is said that about 1500 villagers abandoned the village and simply vanished one night. Nobody saw them leaving or know where they went.


2. Legend of Kuldhara

Legend has it that the minister of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh, fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the village chief. He threatened the locals, giving them a deadline for marriage after which he would forcefully take the girl. So the girl’s father and chiefs of 84 adjoining villages abandoned the villages in the darkness of one night for their pride and honour.


3. Curse that keeps the village deserted

It is also said that while leaving, the villagers put a curse over the village that nobody will be able to settle there ever. Till date the village remains barren and locals claim that those who tried to inhabit it either had mysterious death or encountered strange paranormal phenomena which chased them out of the village.


4. Other Myths of Kuldhara

There are other stories too which attempt to explain why the village was abandoned. Some say that a war broke out in the village which led to evacuation while others say that Salim Singh raised the taxes too much that forced the villagers to abandon the land. However, what exactly made Kuldhara an abandoned village is still shrouded in mystery.


5. Ruins reminding lost prosperity

The remnants of this mysterious village offer glimpses of the lifestyle which once prospered there. A walk through the village takes back to the time when Kuldhara was home to a planned settlement and fascinating culture. The government has declared it as a heritage site.


6. Shocking Revelation by Delhi’s Paranormal Society

To unravel the mystery behind Kuldhara, the place was once visited by a team of Delhi’s Paranormal Society. Astounding everyone, the team revealed that they detected haunting voices, strange moving shadows and sudden temperature fluctuations. On their cars, hand imprints of children were found and one of the team members claimed to have felt an eerie touch on his shoulder, although nobody was present there.


7. Never ending desolation

Situated near Jaisalmer, presently Kuldhara hosts a myriad of crumbling brick structures against a dry and dusty backdrop. It has a sad and grim appearance with ruins spread all over. An eerie silence and a mysterious story hover around the place, intensifying the curiosity of many.


Over time, many came to explore this creepy village but only a few dared to spend the night. Would you dare to walk through the cursed village of Kuldhara?

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