Nov 12, 2015

Bhai Dooj: Different Cultural Customs And Rituals In Various Parts Of India With One Single Motive!!!


Bhai dooj is different in different states of India with a variety of names in different parts of the country. The rituals vary a little due cultural diversity and similar to Rakhsha Bandhan, Bhai dooj strengthens the bond between and sisters. In this post you will get to know some amazing facts about the festival and difference in rituals in various parts of India.

Bhai Dooj in Maharashta and Goa

Marathi communities call the festival Bhai Beej. Sister and makes brother sit on square mattress or square shaped platform in it and then they have a bitter fruit named ‘Karith’. After this ritual they apply tilak to their brother and then have traditional sweets like Basundi Puri and Shrikhand Puri are served.

Bhai Dooj in Uttar Pradesh

Sisters give a piece of cloth knotted into circular shape, full of batashas (Sugar balls) to their brothers. This piece of cloth is call ‘aabf’. For each brother there will be two ‘aabf’ and later after this ritual the sisters apply a tika of roli and rice on the forehead of brothers and perform the traditional aarti. Then the sweets are offered following narration of the story behind ‘Bhai Dooj‘.

Bhai Dooj in Gujarat

In Gujarat they call it ‘Bhai Beej‘ and the rituals follow tilak, traditional sweets and aarti. Sisters pray for their brothers good fortune and in return the brothers bless them and then they exchange gifts.

Bhai Dooj in Bengal

In Bengal this festival is called ‘Bhai Phota’ and the sisters maintain fast till the time all the rituals are performed. And then they apply tika made up of sandalwood, ghee and kajal. Then they perform aarti and feed sweets to their brothers. Coconut laddus and kheer are the  traditional sweets prepared.

Bhai Dooj in Bihar


Bihar celebrates ‘Bhai Dooj’ in a unique way. The sisters curse their brothers to keep the evil spirits away by using all the bad words and then they prick their own tongue with a wild prickly fruit as a punishment. They ask their brothers to forgive them for their mistakes till date and then they feed their brothers with few grains of bajri with water.

Bhai Dooj in Punjab

In Punjab the day after Diwali is celebrated as ‘tika’ where the sisters make paste of saffron and rice and apply on their brother’s forehead to keep away all the difficulties and dangers. Later on, they give sweets and exchange gifts.

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