Jan 28, 2016

Movies That Brought Misfortune To B-Town And Never Saw A Release..


Whenever a Bollywood team combines to start shooting a movie, they never know about how their efforts are going to pay them back. But what they clearly understand is the industry being a gamble, and it’s all their luck and of-course hard work counts as well. But this simple work “luck” has two phases, one is good and another is bad. If it’s good, it will pay you more than that sown, but if it’s bad, it’s better to forget that years, crores and sacrifices done to make the movie.

Here are some of the movies that make the cast suffered from this second phase, they were made but never released..


1. Tiger (1980)

A film, named after the Bachchan character in Rakesh Kumar’s hit Khoon Pasina was about the discord between two brothers spilled off-screen in to a fight between the producers and stars.


2. Khabardar (1984)

The euthanasia-themed film had Bachchan as the doctor and Kamal Haasan as the terminally ill patient. After the 16 reels, the producers had to pull the plug fearing controversy.


3. Devaa (1987)

Due to the ego clashes between the two titans of bollywood Subhash Ghai and Bachchan, Ghai shelved the dacoit magnum opus and vowed never to make it with another star.


4. Alishaan (1988)

A swashbuckler with the Big B, based on Scaramouch was derailed after just a week’s shooting when Bachchan and Javed Akhtar decided to take on the media by working on Main Azad Hoon.



5. Kalinga (1991)

Two years of Dilip Kumar’s directorial debut about an upright judge and his wayward sons, couldn’t make the film to get completed and it is still unfinished.


6. Time machine (1992)

Bad luck of the movie didn’t even care about the two versatile actors working on it, Aamir Khan and Naseeruddin Shan. The movie was almost complete when the director packed his bag left for Hollywood.


7. DUS (1996)

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan starrer DUS was a techno geek, lavish film, which couldn’t be completed because of the premature death of the director Mukul Anand.


8. Ladies only (1997)

With the comeback of Randhir Kapoor and a guest appearance of Kamal Hasan, the movie remained in the headlines for a long time, but couldn’t be seen in theaters due to unknown reasons.


9. Urf Proffesor

Pankaj Advani’s film was a black comedy starring Manoj Pahwa, Antra Mali and Sharman Joshi. It was banned by the censor board since it has vulgar language and scenes throughout the film.



10. Paanch(2001)

The debut film of filmmaker who now launches new youngster filmmakers in the industry, Anurag Kashyap has his debut venture never got released due to its heady depiction of violence, drug abuse and explicit language.


11. Mumbai Central (2004)

After the death of assistant director Nadia Khan due to his run over by a commuter train, not only his film came to a halt but also Kaizas Gustad was arrested and charged with trying to cover up the death.


12. The pink mirror (2005)

The movie claimed to be the first Indian movie to focus on transsexuals, but Censor board cited it as vulgar and offensive, and banned its release like many films in India.


13. Inshallah, football (2010)

The documentary film was about an aspiring Kashmiri footballer who is denied the right to travel abroad. The film was banned since it dealt with the sensitive Kashmir issue.


2010 onward…

14. Chemistry (2011)

The debut movie of the director Sai Kabir starring Shreyas Talpade opposite Soha Ali Khan never made to the theaters due to many unjustified obstacles. The director then started working on Revolver Rani sidelining the pending film project.


15. Kamasutra 3D (2014)

The film had the hot and sizzling Sherlyn Chopra in a censored role playing a drug abuse and thus got a lot of attention but the Indian Censor Board didn’t allow the movie to get around to make it to the 3D screens.


Whether it’s the censors, or just the inability to complete the films, it’s really sad that these titles were not lucky enough to find an audience.


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