Jul 07, 2015

If Indian Cricketers were Super Heroes


In India, cricket is religion and we treat our cricketers as Superstars. We idolize them, worship them and yet, criticize them harshly when they stumble. They are our Heroes from whom we draw inspiration and our pin-up dolls to release our anger, just like Superheroes. Here is my list of Indian Cricketers and their Superhero Alter egos:

1. M.S.Dhoni – Batman (Dark Knight)

Just like Batman, he hasn’t been born with any real superpowers. He’s used his brilliant mind and sheer strength of character to reach here. He had captaincy thrust upon him when our team was in tatters and proved to be our most successful Captain. Yet, he takes blame after each defeat and faces flak for everything wrong in the team. He truly is the Dark Knight! Borrowing from Nolan, He’s the Captain we don’t deserve but, the captain India needs.

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2. Sachin Tendulkar- Superman

This one is a no-brainer. Sachin is perfection. He’s also referred to as ‘GOD’. The whole world agrees that he is the best. With a century of centuries, he is unanimously known as the best who played this game. Like superman, Sachin also has his Kryptonite- Captaincy!

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3. Rahul Dravid- Captain America

Rahul Dravid is Mr.Integrity. He’s been the perfect role-model. Moreover, Like Captain America’s shield, Dravid’s defence is impeccable.

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4. Virender Sehwag- Thor

Virender Sehwag wields his bat like Thor wields his Hammer. He’s reached most milestones by hitting sixes with his powerful batting strokes. Though, He’s definitely missing Thor’s beautiful hair. *wink*

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5. Virat Kohli- Iron Man

Both of them share quite a few personality traits. They both are brash, arrogant, cocky, and extremely good at what they do. You’ll find both of them at the forefront of the battle, fighting with all they have got. Both of them are future leaders too.

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6. Harbhajan Singh- Spiderman

Harbhajan Singh spins the ball to beat the batsmen as well as Spiderman spins his web to save the day.

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7.  Ashwin- Robin

Ashwin is the loyal Robin to MSD’s Batman. When MSD is in trouble and looking for wickets, he always turns to Ashwin. He idolizes Dhoni and has really blossomed under Dhoni’s captaincy.


8. Saurav Ganguly- Hulk

Sourav Ganguly is mild-mannered Genius- Bruce Banner most of the time. He is a brilliant strategist and is quite intelligent. Until, he’s pushed to his limit and he becomes the angry Hulk who can smash his opposition, be it the bowling attack or a malicious Australian coach.

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9. Yuvraj Singh-Wolverine

Wolverine is a survivor. No matter what or who the opposition is, Wolverine scrapes through and manages to win in style. Yuvraj Singh is just like that. He can butcher the opposition, no matter how strong they are. After all, he’s been Man of the Series in every major tournament India won. Hell, he even defeated cancer!

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What do you think of this list? Can you think of any other Indian Cricketer and his superhero counterpart? Do let us know in the comments.
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