Jul 13, 2015

What should be called Friendship?


Change is inevitable and this applies to everything in this world. Everything changes with time people, trends, customs and so the relationships. Today we have friends on facebook, we have a long contact list in our phone, every second acquaintance is our friend and they all are just a click away. But are the really friends? Do we really belong to them? Let us explore what actually a friendship is.

It is a relationship where…

1. Money never comes in between

When it comes to friends “JO TERA HAI VO MERA HAI” rule always applies. Money can never be the reason of differences between true friends.


2.You never have to think before speaking

You can say whatever and how ever you want to when you are in front of your friend because you need not to lie or pretend in front of friends.


3. You need not to bother about time

You can knock his door or ring his cell phone at any time. There are no formalities, hesitation or awkwardness.


4. It doesn’t matter who is doing the work

When it comes to friends they may fight with you, beat you tease you but when you are with them you can truly be you. You can just lie on a sofa n keep on ordering.


5. Accepts your shortcomings

Whether you are short tempered, dumb, dominating or anything for a friend you are just his friend. He just accepts it with all his heart. He stays with you even if you shout, slap or even leave.

6. You need not to hide anything

You never need to hide anything from him and he will not even let you hide. He knows and understands you and your actions the best so never judges you.


7. It grows stronger with every fight

In friendship, fights are never long lasting. Fights bring you closer instead of parting away as you miss each other.


8. He stands by you in every situation

He will never leave you in tough times. He is the first person to share your pain and solve your problems and to enjoy your joys as well.


9. You feel a void in your life without him

His absence makes you feel lonely and all the fun seems gone out of life. Things are fun because you do it together.


10. Distance doesn’t matter

He always remains the closest to your heart no matter how far you are. Distances may change the mode of conversation but not the bond.


11. He never tolerates bad words for you

He may say hundred things to you but never tolerates even a single word against you from anyone.


12. He becomes a piggy for all you secrets

He saves all your secrets. When you tell your things to him you never need to worry of it being public.


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