Jul 06, 2015

What your Growing Kids Need…


There are different stages in every child’s life as he grows up and he needs to be treated accordingly. Kids are like water, they take the shape of the container we keep them in. Here the container is the treatment provided by the family. Role of parenting becomes more crucial as children step into their teenage.


1) They need to be given a feeling that you care

Undoubtedly every parent cares for their children more than anything in the world. But kids in this age sometimes don’t understand it and start feeling neglected.


2) They should be able to consider you as a friend

At this age parents should be friend with children and kids must be able to feel this friendliness as they have a lot to know and share. It will prevent them from going in wrong direction.


3) Understand the queries and needs of their age

Being friend is not confined to just understanding their trends and have friendly conversation but actually stand by them and their actions when they share it with you.


4) Sex Education

Teenagers go through a lot of changes so some queries are natural. Parents should answer and provide proper guidance for each of them to protect children from the harmful outcomes of consulting other sources.


5) Be familiar with their friends

At this age friends have a considerable effect on children. So parents need to talk and know them as well.


6) Give them a feeling of trust

Your trust is very important for this young generation. It gives them a feeling of security and builds a strong bond between you and them. Keeping an eye is necessary but it should not make them feel that you suspect them.


7) Make them feel wanted

Children must feel that you need them. This will not only bring them closer to you but also help to boost their confidence.


8) Try to be Techno friendly

Parents usually find it difficult to use new technologies but they should try to indulge in these advancements. It sounds strange but it really brings you closer to your kids and provides you with new topics for discussion.


9) Give them logics behind things

New generation doesn’t respect the old traditions is the common complaint of elders. But they need to understand that this 21st century generation is more based on logics rather than accepting things as told.


10) Set a good example

Always remember you are a role model for you child. He learns what he observes. If he watches parents misbehaving with each other or others, either he will learn the same or start developing hatred towards you.

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