Jul 23, 2015

Hold Your Breathe And Watch For The Top Listed Hottest Business Women In India


Woman and business? Nothing can sound more hotter than this. They were dedicated, worked without time limits or boundaries and finally conquered. Know more about them and the reason behind their success stories.

1. Ayesha Thaper

Ms Thaper is daughter of Vikram Thaper and Joint Managing Director of Indian City Properties Ltd (ICPL) which includes coal trading and infrastructure. An Economics graduate from Wellesly College, Boston with major in mathematics and also has a minor degree in painting. She insists she has never modelled and her photo shoots that received attention was just an effort to get rid of her fear of facing the camera. It’s been more than a year she quit posing for photo shoots and she prefers using brains to her looks. She is a true visionary of new generation and a determined woman.


2. Kalyani Chawla

Kalyani Saha Chawla, VP, Marketing Christian Dior Couture in India is a a proud self made woman. She has been a part of many luxury brands and claims their launch in India is always a learning experience for her. She had been in news since she was 22 years and used to run a boutique in Culcutta which had interior and fashion collections. She also wrote for Indian Express and handled their four different magazines. She is dedicated, genius and very creative which makes her deserving for this list.


3. Gayatri Reddy

She is the daughter of T Venkattaram Reddy also the face and owner of Deccan Cronicle. Gayatri Reddy studied at University of London and received She has a grip on writing about travel, sports, fashion. cuisine besides doing celebrity interviews. She plays an important role in picking the players in line with her strategy and building the team.


4. Sonia Garware

Sonia Garware was appointed a Joint Managing Director in the year 2012 on board of Garware Polysters. The company is well established and a multi-million dollar company. She holds an MBA from Boston College, USA with majors in Marketing, Human resource management and Strategic management. She has a great taste in fashion and owns an amazing personality too.


5. Ramona Narang Rodella

She is well known in the fashion world and owns a renowned clothing line ” Bella” named after her daughter. She caters to Bollywood celebrities and knows to play her cards well. She is classy, fashionable and wealthy which brings her to this list.


6. Rakhee Kapoor Tandon

An Indian business entrepreneur and daughter of Rana Kapoor, Managing director and CEO of Yes Bank. She holds a MBA degree from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has worked as an investment banker. She is founder and CEO of RAAS Capital India Pvt Ltd which provides long-term mortgage


Aren’t they true examples of gorgeous and intelligent women ruling top businesses in a man’s world.
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