Jul 11, 2015

The Witty Link between Humor and Success


If you know how to flex your funny bone, your way to success is definitely going to be easier. Laughing off something or making people laugh wins heart. Charming the crowd with wit builds social and professional relations swiftly, adding to your prominence and credibility. Success is all about connections and the more you entertain people, the more you connect with them. Here are 10 points explaining how your funny bone can bridge the gap between you and success.

1. Humor Makes You Attractive

A good sense of humor magnetizes people like nothing else. After all, who doesn’t like a witty person making others laugh and happy? Being funny, but not offensive, earns you like ability and a great fan following in no time.


2. Humor Develops Bonding

Humor is a great way to win friends. Knowing how to make someone laugh highlights understanding. Nothing breaks the ice faster than humor and people soon drop their guards to connect with you.


3. Humor is Stress Buster

In the busy and often stressful life everyone welcomes a dose of humor. Cracking a good joke not only creates an upbeat atmosphere but also helps to relieve stress, of others as well as yours.


4. Funny People are More Approachable

Making people laugh also makes them comfortable and eases awkwardness. When people feel free to approach you, it opens up the way to frank and honest conversations. And when people voluntarily share things with you it solves a hell lot of issues.


5. Humor Enhances Creativity

For being witty, one needs to have out-of-the-box thinking. You need to view things from a different angle, under a different light and be innovative. Nurture your sense of humor and you will find a boost in your creativity in other areas of your life as well.


6. Humor Brings Positivity

Working in a jovial atmosphere enhances interaction, encourages new ideas and brings in positive energy that ultimately result in increased productivity. Cheerfulness makes people enthusiastic and the latter is contagious.


7. Humor Boosts Confidence

Humor makes interactions easy and you are bound to feel confident about your social skills. It makes you outgoing, a key ingredient for success. Knowing that you can easily overcome awkwardness and make people smile in turn makes you comfortable enough to approach people and strengthen your social network.


8. Humor Reflects Intelligence

Humor comes from analytical and intelligent minds. Making a general conversation or situation funny requires picking up specific details and presenting them in a witty manner. You need to choose the perfect words, quickly, to make things funny and not snarky.


9. Funny People Are Invited Everywhere

If you are funny, you are definitely the life of the party. We all enjoy jovial atmosphere and the one who can deliver it tops all invitee lists. Flexing your funny bone is an excellent way to score points with everyone.


10. Humor Builds Trust

Your sense of humor somehow reveals your authenticity. People with healthy and positive sense of humor are generally perceived as trustworthy and earning the trust of people is the key to strong relationships, on personal as well as professional front.


Success never comes easy. But if you know how to laugh off the hurdles, the journey certainly becomes easier and enjoyable.

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