Dec 14, 2015



It’s December time! Holidays, chilling winters, festivals, fun and boredom come together in life. It’s the time when you want yourself to get out of the bed and make the best of your vacation, but does the warmth of blanket and its coziness allow this?

If you are the one, who had lots of distractions and plans in exams, but can’t find one now when you have no work to do, then here are some ideas which can help you out. Make your vacation fun this time with almost no money.

1. Explore the world of Cooking

Take the kitchen all to yourself

The best way to make your time worth spending and to satisfy your taste buds is cooking. Learn to cook the basic food first and then fuse your creative innovation, experimenting flavors and recipes.


2. Explore the world around you

Make it a habit, you’ll never regret!

To be active in each and every discussion going on in your friends, colleagues, teachers, it’s very important to be aware of the world around you and it’s the best time to make newspaper reading or listening the daily update, part of your day.


3. Explore the job opportunities

Time to get paid

A desktop and an internet connection, is all you need to keep yourself busy,to know your capabilities and to make the money out of nothing. An internship program or a part time job, according to your choice and working conditions would do the honor perfectly.


4. Plan the coming year

This time, a perfect one!

New year and a new session are approaching together, new plans and a new schedule on the mind are obvious. Bring it out! Write these plans, list the things you missed this year and would love to do it in next. Make a new schedule, try to stick to it to make it a habit next year onward.


5. Explore the artist in you

Design your room walls in your style

Whether you be an art lover or not, you will surely love the quotes and posters made by you on your room wall. Make the posters you will love to see daily when you wake up.


6. Reconnect with family members

Family time!

Youngsters these days, rarely like to visit their acquaintances, but believe me! without them, life is just so empty. It feels very good when you see somebody happy just because you visited them. Taste that unique flavor of love, you are surely going to like it.


7. Explore your gadgets

Make the best of the things you own

In this era, where the world is surrounded by technology so densely that now an application tells us the eating schedule and it’s not the stomach that decides, there is so much to explore. Get exposed to technology and the world.


8. Clean the mess!

Your mom would love it

Its not just your mom by the way, your mind would thank you for this. A study has shown that cleaning eliminates all the negativity from mind, it keeps it fresh and optimistic. Sort out the mess in your room, kitchen, cupboard and enjoy an organised environment for few days.


9. Volunteer for happiness

Make somebody smile

Either it be visiting an old age home just to have a small chat or teaching somebody who can’t afford to, this would never let you down for yourself. Try to do it by your own, if not join an NGO which can guide you.


10. Explore yourself!!!

Polish your old/hidden talent

It’s very important to know yourself, your talent s and your interests. You must have seen dancers, singers running for their talents and you might be the one who wonder how people come to know about their interests. Experimenting yourself is just the answer. You are watching a movie and not liking it very much, you would never waste 3 hours for it, but the one you like it, you would never think of time then. Now this simply told you what your interest is, but you are the one who needs to take first move and start watching movie.


So these are some ideas, what I think is enough to ignite a spark in you to make the best of your holidays. Ideas other than these? Do share with us!

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