Oct 04, 2015

Indian Substitutes of Foreign Brands Contribute to Rupee, Contribute to Nation


Everybody today is talking about the new projects and developments going on in the country. Talking may not be an appropriate word, some are questioning the way of doing work, others are alternating with them for such. Well the fact is, when it comes to India, we youngsters have so many doubts about its system, studies, job opportunities, etc. Some of you may think the country is not worth living since it is not giving you that other countries could. But have you ever thought what we are giving to the country? Being a developing country, it needs our support. Have we ever discussed that instead of discussing the value of the rupee falling day by day.

My point here is, instead of pointing out the problems, why don’t we work on a solution? Go for Indian products, make our rupee stronger than other currencies and only you, the common people can do that, not the politicians with powers.

Here is a list of top Indian brands that can be the best substitutes of foreign brands that we use commonly. SWAP YOUR…

1. MOBILE PHONES like Samsung, Sony, LG with Micromax

With more than 60 models in its portfolio, Micromax is 10th largest mobile phone player in the world even in budgeted range. So what’s the problem? Go for it guys! Make it 1st one!


2. BEVERAGES like Coca Cola, Pepsi with Parle products

Parle being the largest Indian food and beverage company always serves at the best price and healthy as far as possible. Many of its beverages like Frooti, Appy Fizz, Frio have already proven the worth of its existence.


3. SNACKS like Lay’s, Kurkure with Haldiram, Bingo, Hippo

The foreign snack companies use Indian masala to make us feel the taste of our own at a high price and we think it’s our product, but it’s not actually. Buy the real taste, buy Indian, be Indian!


4. WATCHES like Rado, Timex, Maxima with Fastrack, Titan

So when it’s time to change our way of buying products, contribute something to them too! We have such a good brand like Titan and Fastrack, then what is the need of relying on others.


5. MOBILE NETWORKS like Vodafone, Airtel with Idea, BSNL, Reliance

Well, there’s a myth in Indians, that more expensive the products, more would be its quality. I want you guys to just add one more point about cost, that if a product Is expensive, may some other country is taking is revenue for importing their product.


6. FOREIGN FOOD CHAINS like Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos with Indian Restaurants

Because of its sheer marketing skills, most of the people prefer the unhealthy and not so Indian food of these foreign chains. Go for the Indian street local food, don’t worry about the hygiene, if you can go for these, you stomach can digest that street food.


7. COSMETIC PRODUCTS like Fair & lovely, Lakme, Ponds with Patanjali, Boroplus, Cinthol

India, even after being the hub of Ayurveda, pays revenue to other countries to satisfy the need of its people. Is it fair? Obviously not. We have the richest collection of medicines and plants used in cosmetics, accept them, compliment your country!


8. SHOE BRANDS like Bata, Nike, Adidas with Lakhani, Liberty, Woodland

Firstly, let me clear the doubt most of the people have. Bata is a Swiss brand, it’s not Indian. But besides that we have Woodland with us, one of the trusted brands in Clothing and shoe wear.


9. NOODLES LIKE Nestle Maggi with Sunfeast yippe

Well, now, whether you like or dislike, you don’t have that option. Where most of the people are unhappy for the ban of magi, India has got an advantage over this.


10. LUXURY CARS like Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi with Jaguar, Land Rover, TATA

No, it’s not just small brands like Maruti Suzuki that we own. We have Jaguar in the list too!


So, here when my list comes to an end, your part doesn’t. The list may be small but Indians brand not, find the Indian substitutes of all the foreign brands you use daily. BUY INDIAN, BE INDIAN!

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