Jul 07, 2015

6 International Games and Sports that Originated in India


India takes pride in being the inventor of several important things and its contribution in the field of games and sports is no less. The spirit of sportsmanship in India can be traced back to ancient times when the country invented some remarkable games and indulged actively in them. Wanna know which games and sports originated in India and acquired international fame over time? Here’s the list.

1. Chess

The two-player board game which the world cherishes actually originated in ancient India. Gupta Empire developed this incredible strategy game as Chaturanga in 6th century. Soon the game made its way around the world and, with many variants, became one of the most popular international games.

2. Ludo

Ludo is another interesting board game having its roots in India. Different countries have different variants and names for Ludo but all of them are derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi, which developed in 6th century. Apart from gaining international fame, Ludo has also become a very popular family game.

3. Playing Cards

Playing cards are also believed to have originated in ancient India as Kridapatram. It was a favorite pastime of Indians and flourished under the patronage of royalty. Although some say that Mughals introduced the concept to India, there are evidences suggesting that it emerged in India much before the Mughal invasion.

4. Snakes and Ladders

India is also the birth place of the worldwide classic, Snakes and Ladders. It originated in ancient India as a game of morality, representing the journey of life with snakes symbolizing vices and ladders signifying virtues. The common phrase “back to square one” has been derived from this very game.

5. Kabaddi

India not only invented the game of Kabaddi but is also the most successful team at international level. This contact sport has a prehistoric origin and later it was extensively practiced in Indian Vedic schools. The rules of Kabaddi changed over time and many variations emerged but the principle objective of the game remained same.

6. Carrom

Although there is lack of strong evidences, it is generally believed that the game of Carrom was invented in India hundreds of years ago. The game is very popular, especially in southern Asia, and regular tournaments are also organized inviting participation of different nations. However, rules of the game somewhat differ in different countries.

India not only owns an admirable position on the world stage of games and sports but is also the creator of some prominent ones, which are world’s favorite today. Which one is your favorite?


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