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A happy, successful life includes a combination of going with the flow and sometimes, swimming against the current. People like to talk and they are very good at gossiping and making comments. But some people are smart enough to make the business even out of them. One cannot control somebody’s judgement, but something that you could do is to control its effects, and make your best out of that.
It feels very bad and difficult to be disliked and to be not accepted in society, but once you prove yourself, you are above many. Here are examples of famous people that never let anyone’s opinion affect them and they went beyond the conventional and proved their haters wrong; they succeeded not because they thought about the people who let them down, but because they believed in themselves.

1. Brian Action

Co-founder of Whatsapp

Got rejected from Facebook, Twitter and founded Whatsapp. According to him, it is Facebook that taught him a lesson.


2. Michael Jordan

American professional basketball player

Rejected from his high school basketball team. Won the Most Valuable Player Award for five times.


3. Arunabh Kumar

The Qtiyapa Guy

The person who conceptualized and launched THE VIRAL FEVER, TVF was first rejected by the most popular youth-oriented channel, MTV India, with his content rich idea. He now has 1,096,581 subscribers to his YouTube channel.


4. Steve Jobs

Cofounder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.

The board of his own company sidelined him because of one of its own recruiter. After being fired, Steve Jobs built a company called NeXT, which was acquired by Apple in $400 million in 1997 and gave him the control of the company again.


5. Steven Spielberg

American director, producer, and a screenwriter

Rejected thrice by the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts because the Admissions Officer deemed his C-level grade average too low. He, then made his own way into the industry by directing Jaws, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, and the Indiana Jones series.


6. Sania Mirza

Indian Tennis Player, The Pakistan’s daughter-in-law

As a beginner, she faced every problem that an Indian girl would have to. Her own society targeted her clothes and marriage to Shoaib Malik, but the girl just became the first Indian to win a Grand Slam in Women’s Doubles at Wimbledon and proved herself at her best.


7. Ratan Tata

Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons

Humiliated and rejected by the Ford officials on his offer a deal to sell Tata’s motor division to Ford, nine years later, the man bought Ford’s iconic brands Jaguar and Land-Rover relieving it from bankruptcy and of course, doing a big favor for Ford.


8. Walt Disney

American entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer

Fired from the newspaper company because apparently, he ‘lacked’ creativity. Later, bought that newspaper company and even the company that owned that newspaper company.


9. J.K. Rowling

British novelist, best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series

A resignation letter, failed marriage and a dependent child along with her focus to writing made her the Most Influential Woman in Britain and by Forbes she ranked 48th most powerful celebrity of 2007, after the success of Harry Porter.


10. Maria Meer

Pakistani Singer

Rejected by half wit judges on the auditions of Pakistan Idol on the basis of lack of stage confidence and looks, but the audition video went viral on YouTube where she received much support from the Pakistani audience against the Judges, and now she is a successful singer proving her way out.


11.  Travis Kalanick

C.E.O. of Uber Technologies

From Bankruptcy to billionaire, the guy’s vision became the World’s no. 1 valuable startup and one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley. He was thrown out of the company he founded after completing software engineering due to some clashes with co-founder.


Most of you probably know the characters I am talking about, here my work is not to provide you the knowledge of these great people. Here, I want you guys to inspire by them. People, situation and time isn’t bad, but you are actually provided with a big plan and these things are just part of that plan.
Don’t forget to share your inspiring stories with us.

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