Sep 25, 2015

Make your love life, a perfect love story! Just follow this simple RULE-BOOK for love!!


Like everything else in human’s life, a happy, successful love story also works in a rule book. To make your love feel like a bed of roses for both you, there are some things you need to take care. Every new relationship has the potential to blossom and every old relationship is strong enough to adopt new changes. So here’s an attempt to make the things much simpler for you…

Let us have a look at the rundown of major relationship rules one just shouldn’t mess with!

1. Need something, ask for it!

Never forget that your partner is not a mind reader. Do not afraid to ask for the things, changes you need. Your expectations sometimes may hurt you, but remember things can be sorted out. Just talk!


2. Treat, just how you want to be treated!

Freedom is something, for which one can fight anybody, even the parents, then how can one sacrifice it for the sake of a new relation without any ties. Every person has a liberty to live their own lives. If you want him to treat as a queen, you need to respect him as a king.


3. Value each other’s interest.

Never forget, if you are questioning the interest of your partner, you are actually questioning your existence since you are the first interest, all others far behind. Even if vintage airplanes or nail art don’t interest you, do your best to pay attention and have respect for what your partner likes.


4. It’s healthy to argue, often!

Not the screaming matches, but it’s good to have a healthy argument. Arguments let you know the opinion of your partner, likes-dislikes and even the patience level. But that doesn’t mean you create it worthlessly, it is just that when it happens, don’t avoid it!


5. Do not limit your love to grand gestures.

If money could buy love, the richest person in the world would be the most lovable person. But, it is not so. Fancy dinners or luxury vacations may excite you once, but love doesn’t have a dollar value. If given an option between the weekly walk or an annual vacation, the majority would go for weekly romantic walk!


6. No one is perfect in this world!

Nobody is in this world is perfect. Accept this fact. Everybody has flaws. Don’t find the perfection, find the right person for you.


7. Be cautious while discussing things with friends

It’s good to discuss relationship with your friends, but to a certain extent. If you discuss every little worry, every argument, if you air every grievance, you will poison your friends against your significant other. So be cautious!


8. Never take each other for granted

Taking your love for granted means allowing them to get interested in other things. Giving them another option for sharing their views, discuss if they want to. And that’s something you’ll surely regret!


9. Look sexy for each other

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, look sexy for each other. This not only makes your partner fall for you again and again, but also keeps your relation lively. You obviously feel good when somebody tries to look good to attract you.


10. Celebrate your relationship, whenever get a chance to..

Celebrate the special days. Birthdays and anniversaries may repeat it too many times, but it’s these milestones that create memories.


This small rulebook may sound, you simple and obvious, but when the situation is so, we never think obvious things. This makes all difference! Follow these, you won’t regret!

But hello! Don’t forget to share views and even more tips you feel are necessary for a perfect relationship.


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