Jul 21, 2015

16 signs that your Student Life is over and your Work Life began

When we are young, we can’t wait to grow up and earn money and have the glamorous lives that all grown-ups seem to have. But, when we actually do grow up, we miss our student lives. Here are 10 signs that you are officially now a grown up.

1. No more summer/winter break:

Long holiday breaks are over. You have to wait for leaves to get approved or long weekends for a break and even then you might have to work.


2. Change in Shopping trend:

You no longer shop for cute tops or sexy dresses. Instead, you look for smart formal clothes everywhere. There is less shopping at Zara, Vero Moda, Mango and more at Allen Solly, Arrow and Louis Phillipe.


3. Working longer hours:

There is no bunking of lectures or coming home early because you are bored. You have to put in minimum nine hours each day.


4. No more pocket money:

You now earn your own money. Gone are the days when your parents gave you pocket money to spend on clothes, partying or eating out. you have to be more thrifty now or you are always broke.


5. Doing taxes:

You have to file tax returns and see part of your salary disappear.


6. Paying all your bills yourself:

Since you now earn, your phone, Internet, electricity, food, cable and every other bill has to be paid by you.


7. No more weekend parties:

Most weekends are spent relaxing or sleeping after the tiresome week. You have no energy left to party. The most you can manage is a quiet dinner with friends at a cheap place.


8. No impromptu plans:

You have to plan everything in advance to manage logistics such as number of leaves to take, work left for you to do and finance, every time. You entire calender needs to be sorted.


9. Have to be more punctual:

You have to reach office on time and for that you have to catch exactly the 8:33 connecting train or bus. Punctuality is a must.


10. You sleep early and get up early:

Gone are the days when you used to be up all night browsing the Internet, having a TV show marathon or studying during exams. Now, you wake up early to go to work on time and thus, go to sleep early too.


11. You are always Running:

Be it running to meet office deadlines or running to catch the train/bus to work, your life seems to go in a blur. You never seem to pause and appreciate life.


12. Doing your own laundry:

Your Mom doesn’t do your laundry anymore. You have to start washing, drying and ironing your own clothes.


13. Managing your own Financials:

No more depending on your parents for finances. You have to start your own savings account, manage your loans and mortgages and invest smartly.


14. Cooking your own food:

There will be times you have to make your own meals. You learn cooking full blown meals so that you don’t starve.


15. Creating a Monthly Budget:

Savings is an integral part of your life. You have to make sure your monthly expenditure doesn’t go too high.


16. Friends have started getting Engaged/Married:

Many of your friends start getting married and your parents want you to think about your marriage plans as well.


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