Mar 01, 2016

A Violent jat Arkansan which damaged beautiful cities/places of Haryana and destroyed many people’s dream!!


Jat need Reservation.! But by damaging private property, by making loss of life. IS this the right way of asking their right. Do they really deserve it?????

I think No..!!Reservation should be on basis of economical and under privileged not on basis of community. Jaat Protesters has done many losses to the property without thinking for a second. The loss which has been estimated till now is 33,000/-crore which is not yet certain yet ,it keeps on changing day by day.

Here we come up with the list of cities/places which got a great troubles:

1. Rohtak

Rohtak was the most beautiful city of Haryana and was known the first semi-metropolitan city, but jat protesters destroyed its beauty at the fullest. Govt. houses, school, bus stops , 8 petrol pumps damaged, Cinema halls, Mc-Donald’s, Dominos ,Sweet shops, book depot, archies gallery, small markets , Hotels, Hospitals, vehicles, Multiplex mall and many branded showrooms were first looted and then all were burnt into ashes. People lost their income generating place and now feel hopeless but people stand in front of them and took action to safeguard left property.


2. Sonipat

After Rohtak 2nd most affected part of Haryana’s Sonipat. Within the city and outside the city. Many markets were burnt within the city and on Murthal road Haveli, Amusement park called Jurassic park was first looted and then was burnt by agitators and the loss which Jurassic park caused is of 25 crores.This is very less they burnt Haldiram by first damaging it and then burning it. Famous Sukhdev dhaba whose “paranthas” are famous is also burnt.



3. Jhajjar

Jhajjar is a very small city of Haryana. We can also say it as a village too. Jat protesters does not leave that part of Haryana also, there was a very small market of electronics which was first looted and then they burnt it.Petrol pump was tried to be burnt but due to shortage of petrol it got safed. A very small city again turned into village due to jaat protesters.


4. Bhiwani

Bhiwani does not beard any loss due to fire because of army force. Some property were damaged but not burnt due to curfew which was applied by government there.Total 5 petrol pumps were damaged by them and some personal properties.


5. Hissar

Hissar beared a loss but it is very much less that can be beared. Famous saini market of saini’s were burnt because saini stand against them. So, for taking revenge they did this but not succeed and stopped.


6. Jind

Jind another region of Haryana was also including by the Jaat agitators not done so much loss of property but put railway station on fire.


7. Kaithal

Kaithal district is one of the 21 districts of Haryana,state in northern India. Kaithal town is the district headquarters. Jat protesters ruined that too. They looted various shops and houses and misbehaved with many people in this city.


8. Railways

All Railway tracks whether it’s from Delhi-Rohtak, Panipat-Delhi, Hissar-Rohtak, Sonipat-Panipat and many more which comes under Haryana all were blocked by jat protesters and many lines were also damaged by them. 6 railway station were damaged,200+crore loss to railways,800+trains were cancelled.


9. Buses

Rohtak bus stop was the first to be burnt. Haryana roadways lost its many of buses due to jaat protesters without thinking that they also use it they burn the buses at large.


This jat arakshan has destroyed many people’s life.They have also done protest in many other cities of Haryana due to this incident life of peoples has stopped in Haryana, people here now scared because violent arakshan has no meaning in law. So,guys stop asking for reservation be an INDIAN. Don’t divide nation..!!

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