Nov 14, 2015

8 Viral Photos On Internet That Are Actually Fake Will Make You Alert More About Fake Promotions!!!


May be this is because fake stories sell more than the real one’s or people enjoy getting responses for their creativity. Creating fake stories is simple but making people believe that it’s real is something very interesting about it. So let’s check some of the recently made up stories that created a buzz on internet.

1. Was Sandra Bland dead during her mugshot?


Sandra committed suicide in jail after she was arrested as she failed to use her turn signal. The authorities in Waller country,Texas have released the footage of her being arrested and even the mugshots. The fake picture portrayed that she was dead during her mugshots. This fake picture created a lot of buzz in the social media, all filled with half- truths and lies.

2. Cutest fake story of the year.


This news with this picture is still being posted on Facebook page. This never happened and picture look so dramatic like a play. There have been similar stories in real in the past but this one was just fake!!!

3. Is Hillary Clinton that dumb?


A Facebook group called Nation in Distress posted the above image Hillary Clinton is not aware of the fact that she is being targeted for this prank. This was obviously a fake picture and very disappointing tactic used for promotion.

4. Meet the happiest elephant ever.


Yes, this guy looks cute but the world’s happiest elephant? This is just a robot featured at Disney land attraction”Jungle Cruise”. It surely looks happy but that’s because it was made that way. How can the world’s saddest elephant attract people? So he has no choice than being happy.

5. What a coincidence!!!


Haitians living in the Dominican Republic is facing a lot of stress due to strict immigration and residency laws. But this image is from a film in 2013 ‘ Cristo Rey’ and has nothing to do with the situation. The first image went viral in May of 2014 and had been used again and again.

6. Peas becomes most famous ingredient.


It started as the controversial New York Times food article about adding peas to your guacamole turned to be the hottest and the dumbest social media debate. This article inspired plenty of other fake promotions.

7. Best Photoshop ever.


There are actually some wonderful real and historical pictures of movie stars on skateboards like Katherine Hepburn and Jodie Foster. But image above is completely fake and it actually comes from the sets of Beatles 1964 film ‘ A Hard Days’ and was photo-shopped to include the skateboard.

What do you think about these fake stories? Comment below!!!

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