Jul 11, 2015

10 reasons why youths keep themselves away from politics


In 2013, University of Delhi, one of the esteemed universities of India, introduced Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) for the new admissions. In 2014, with the formation of new government the university rolled back FYUP on the command of University Grants Commission (UGC). Politicians did, what they promised. New admissions are obviously happy with the decision. What about the students that studied the program for 1 year? This is just a one case in which students suffered because of politics, there are many such cases and then these students are taught that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth usually think they know everything and the world is in black and white with few grey areas. They learn from every new experience and conclude results. But our country’s politics is not good enough to teach them a right way in a right direction.

Here, I am listing some of the good reasons for the spring kitchens to keep themselves off politics.

Their opinions are not given platform

They have much to say, their ideas are new and creative, and they exactly know what young India wants but unfortunately, among the politicians of an age group of 40 and above, their voices go unheard. The political parties fail to engage the youth in meaningful ways and draw them into insightful dialogue.



Distrust in politicians

A country where the only concrete results of hard work and development can be seen when the tenure of the incumbent Government comes to an end, how can somebody trust those politicians? It’s not about any particular government; it is about all the people who have made this politics dirty.



Lucrative employment options

There are so many opportunities out there that offer the world to young and ambitious people. With fat salary cheques and perks to ensure them a life of comfort, why would someone consider joining politics as a full time profession? A true politics needs a lot of hardwork before one can reap any kind of benefit, but youths today are more interested in earning quick money.



Lack of idol figures

Cricket has Sachin, music has A.R. Rahman. But have you ever heard saying a child saying that he wants to be the next Abdul Kalam. Obviously not, most leaders fail to spark a certain passion in youths by their words or actions and hence do not arouse the interest of the youths.



Fear of violence

Youths today, are smart and educated enough to solve any hurdle of their life without any violence. But politics, on the other hand is a term very much associated with violence. If one is capable of keeping ones view in front of public, he/she should be ready to face the consequences.


Not so bright future

The idea of being a public servant to clean up the system that youths even do not like much, is not even given a fleeting thought when it comes to choosing a career. Most of the time, the youths are not aware of what opportunities could come their way when they decide to enter the field of politics.


Influence of entertainment

Youths follow what they find interesting and amusing. For them, Bollywood, Hollywood and celeb talk is far more entertaining as compared to the boring and drab speeches of the politicians who go on and on about issues such as healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture and development.


Fear of spoilt reputation

In India as opposed to other countries, politics is considered a dirty word, and when it comes right down to it, really who would like to get their hands dirty? Reputation in society today, is something that people treat as their asset and do not want to lose at any cost.


Policies are made, not implemented properly

Our country has so many scholarship programs and opportunities for students that if they are implemented properly, 60% of students would be able to have education free of cost. But like all other policies, students are not made aware of it, and those who are aware are afraid of tiring application process.


Slow pace of change

The stagnated pace of growth and change of the Government, especially due to the lack of political unity, causes the youth to lose interest eventually. Most of the times, the politicians are busy slandering each other and indulging in mud-slinging fests, leaving the necessary changes for last days of tenure.


We, the people of India, are in strong need of a big change and a value-based innovative government that can understand our needs and aspirations. A quote truly stated by a young politician only:
“The difference between a young person and an old person is that a young person looks towards the future and an old person looks in the past”
If you have anything to say about what is actually restricting the youths from entering in to the politics, please do share with us.

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